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Heat Pumps Save on Cooling Costs in Las Vegas

Customers Money on Their Power Bills

Count on the Silverstate air conditioning repair team to provide you with quality heat pump service and installation. Are you familiar with what a heat pump is or how it works? Do they know about energy savings that these amazing pieces of technology can provide. Did you know that can both cool and heat your home?

How Do Heat pumps work?

Heat pumps have some similarities to the air conditioner that is in all our homes and offices. A heat pump can cool home or office. They also have some mechanical similarities, in that they have a refrigerant in them that moves though coils to move heat from the inside of a space to the outside in the summer.

However, that is where the similarities end and heat pumps show their real genius. Not only can heat pumps move the hot air out of a space replacing it with cooler air, they can also take the cool air out of the same space and replace it with heat in the winter.

Heat pumps are more efficient that other forms of air conditioning or heating, primarily because they move heat rather than making heat. You Silverstate ac technician will show you all the possibilities from cooling the water in your swimming pool to heating the water for your shower.

Silverstate Refrigeration and HVAC services and installs all heat pump brands: Armstrong Air, Trane, Carrier, Lennox, American Standard, Goodman, Amana, Bryant, Rheem, Ruud, York, Comfortmaker, Sears and more.

For those interested in this revolutionary piece of technology or if you need maintenance on your heat pump, just contact us at 702-433-5008. We will happily help you pick a system that will work great for your needs or help keep your current system running at optimal efficiency.