Is Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner?

You ask, “How long should and air conditioner last?” It depends on a lot of things the least of which is not maintenance. A properly maintained heating and cooling system will last far longer than one that is not well-maintained. But as a homeowner you need to become experienced in telling when your system is ready for the graveyard. Not all heating and cooling system should be replaced at this time. There are too many factors. One is your budget and another could be things like tax credits or rebates. You have to weigh all of your options.

Quite often repairing an old unit is your best option. These units can be fixed and our service crews carry a lot of parts on their trucks to make those repairs quickly. Having said that, it may not be a good idea to throw more money into an old unit because the old unit may be very energy inefficient.

There are several good reasons to replace and air conditioner. They include:

If your unit is more than 10 or 12 years old. Energy-saving technologies come a long way in the past decade. New, two-stage technology can now make your home much more comfortable expending less energy and lowering your tilt utility bills at the same time. In fact energy efficiency has at least doubled in the past decade. But no matter how energy-efficient your old unit was 10 years ago, it’s not that efficient now.

If certain components of your heating and cooling system have failed, that could be a decisive factor. For instance if you have a bad compressor, you should consider replacing it as some compressors could cost 50% of the price of a whole new system. Bear in mind that a new air conditioner would have a 10 year warranty or more.

It is been our experience that replacing a compressor is still a short-term fix. The new part will not usually last as long as the original one did for numerous reasons including blockages in the lines, leaks in the coil and evaporator, and transformer issues.

Coil issues are a another reason to replace your air conditioner unit. A rusted coil could start leaking. Once it starts leaking, fixing it is only a temporary measure. Other leaks will occur in a short time.

Take a look at your energy bill. If your power bills are very high it is time to look at a new air conditioner. When you consider that a new air conditioner can be financed for such low monthly payments, the savings on your energy bill could exceed those payments.

If your current system is not heating or cooling all rooms effectively, it’s time to check the ductwork. Improper duct balancing or and and properly sized air conditioner could be causing this. Either way the cost of repairing the situations could heavily way on the cost of replacing the entire HVAC system.

Refrigerant (R – 22 coolant) – you may want to consider replacing your heating and cooling unit if it operates with the old Freon coolant. The federal government has banned new heating and cooling units with this refrigerant so making repairs has gotten more and more expensive. New systems come with our – 410 a, a new refrigerant that you may have heard of under the name Puron. A new system using this refrigerant will blow colder air consuming less electricity. That’s why it is considered a more environmentally friendly method of cooling your home or business.

Benefits of Replacing Old Air Conditioner Equipment

  1. Energy savings – save as much a 60% depending on your current equipment configuration.
  2. Better comfort – the new air handlers on home and office air-conditioning equipment has variable speeds to continuously circulate the entire living space, keeping you, your family or your employees and customers much more comfortable.
  3. New HVAC equipment is quiet compared to the old systems.
  4. 10 year warranties available on new furnaces, air conditioners, and heat pumps.


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