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Call Silverstate to Upgrade to an Energy Efficient, Natural Gas Furnace

Silverstate Air Conditioning Refrigeration & HVAC, LLC. is the furnace repair contractor you can trust to perform quality work at a reasonable price. Our team of technicians repairs and install furnaces by Trane, Ruud, Armstrong Air, American Standard, Rheem, Carrier, Lennox, Bryant, Goodman, Amana and more. In Las Vegas, Boulder City and Henderson, call

Las Vegas Furnace Repair

Temperatures in desert regions can drop dramatically when the sun sets for the day. Also, Las Vegas mornings can be cold before the sun has risen. Chilly weather causes people to turn the heater on in order to warm up the home or office. But what happens if the heater is not working? An emergency call to a Las Vegas’ furnace repair professionals, Silverstate Air Conditioning Refrigeration and HVAC, must be made. Along with furnace repair, our professional furnace technicians can perform preseason check-ups and maintenance to prevent emergency calls for repair.

How a Furnace Works

Once the thermostat temperature setting has been reached, a signal is sent to the natural or lp gas-fired furnace to turn on, and provide heated air to the home or office environment. The control board, within the furnace, applies power to the ignition system. Most new model furnaces do not have a pilot light (a small, continually burning flame), but have an electronic gas ignition system. Once ignition is confirmed, power is sent to the gas valve to open it and allow the flow of gas to the burner(s). The controller then performs flame detection. If the presence of a flame cannot be detected, the controller will make an additional attempt, and will then shutdown if still unsuccessful. Once a flame has been detected, a blower is activated to pass air through the heat exchanger in order to heat it. Regular maintenance by Silverstate Air Conditioning air conditioner and furnace technicians will ensure the heat  exchanger is ckean and free of cracks that can allow deadly carbon monoxide into the living quarters. The intake air of your Las Vegas furnace (cold air return) is supplied through the bottom section of the furnace after it passes through an air-filter. Cold return-air passing through the heat exchanger becomes heated, and then continues through the duct system until it exits into the room(s) needing heat. There is also an air supply intended exclusively for the burner. This air is required to keep the flame burning. Any excess will be exhausted along with the by-products of the burning gas. The exhausted product is carried via a vent that leads outside the home or office.

A Clean Furnace Filter is Top Priority in Las Vegas

The furnace filter is important because it cleans the air before it enters the furnace. A clogged filter causes the furnace to burn extra gas (fuel) and restricts air flow to the living area, raising its operating costs.

Fall Preseason Furnace Check-up

A professional furnace technician from Silverstate Air Conditioning air conditioning can ensure that the controller is operating correctly, the air-filter is clean and properly installed, ducts are clear from obstructions, registers are correctly adjusted, the furnace has no gas-leaks, and that the exhaust gases are being completely expelled from the structure.