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Nest Thermostats: Think if it as an iPad for your Air Conditioner and Furnace

Imagine having a thermostat that adjusts itself based on your behavior. Imagine the thermostat that talks to the utility company and helps manage the peak load.

Silverstate Air Conditioning Air Conditioner Service can install one of these “learning thermostats” for your home and business today. The thermostat will adjust the temperature in your home or office automatically based on your behavior, so there’s no programming. A lot of people own programmable thermostats and never sent them correctly.

CEO Tony Fidel is a former Apple executive and has always looked at thermostats as something more than just, well… a thermostat.

Few people give thought to their thermostat. But they can make a significant contribution to reducing your homes energy consumption. The Nest Thermostat can do this without lowering your comfort level. By optimizing by optimizing your energy usage for heating and cooling you are having a significant impact on your utility bills. Heating and cooling your home consumes more energy than all appliances, TVs, computers, lighting, stereos and other equipment combined.

According to the company’s website, 89% of programmable thermostats actually waste energy. Homeowners think that they are so complicated that they never program them to begin with. This wastes almost $200 per year per household on energy consumption.

Two “program” a Nest Thermostat, all you have to do is change the temperature for a few days. After that the unit learns about you, your family and your home and activates energy-saving features.

The company believes that you will be able to save 20% off of your heating and cooling bill. But that’s not all. The system has programs to take advantage of radiant heating systems and heat pumps. It will even remind you when it’s time to change the filter.

Utility companies are forging deals with Nest Thermostats to make it able to adjust your thermostat during peak energy loads. Recent news indicates that the company is making deals with utility companies that would automatically dialed down power usage during peak times. You would still have complete control over your heating and cooling system, so this is a more palatable solution to the average consumer.

Asked Silverstate HVAC for more information about this outstanding system and what it can do for you. Rebates may be available from the utility company to offset the expense.