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Consider Maytag Air Conditioners to Replace Your Old Equipment

Maytag Air ConditionersIs difficult to think of Maytag as an air conditioning repair company but it’s not difficult to think of them as a very reliable appliance manufacturer. And just like washing machines, the air-conditioners made by Maytag are some of the most reliable on the market. That goes for furnaces and heat pumps as well. That is why Silverstate Refrigeration and HVAC LCC always recommends the Maytag brand when replacing an air conditioner, heat pump or furnace.

We have a lot of choices in the Las Vegas area. All the major brands are represented here. But we chose Maytag because of the benefits to the homeowner. Remember now we’re here to make a customer for life. We are not here to make one quick sale and then run.

There are many benefits to owning a heating and cooling system manufactured and marketed under the name brand Maytag: dependability, value pricing, extensive warranty, energy savings, and much more. The benefits of using Maytag as your HVAC supply company include exceptional performance in the desert heat of Las Vegas, longevity of the unit which is backed by a 12 year Limited parts warranty and a 12 year dependability promise, and lower energy bills because of the incredibly efficient technology employed by the manufacturer.

Reliable Air Conditioners

the unit we install it your home or office has been checked 144 times before being shipped from the Maytag manufacturing plant. This level of quality assurance means that you will not have to give a second thought to your heating and cooling unit for many years to come, especially when properly maintained by a service technician from Silverstate.

The representative from Silverstate Refrigeration and HVAC LLC will often recommend the Maytag M 1200 with up to 25.5 SEER rating. This air-conditioner is one of the quietest available from any manufacturer. It is a completely unique mechanism in that it employs theiQ Drive. What is that you ask? Well the IQ drive air conditioner doesn’t operate like a typical unit. Instead it uses an inverter driven Rotary compressor. That’s a mouthful but this technology allows it to modulate from 40% to 118% of capacity, resulting in incredibly energy efficient performance.